Strip That Fat - Dieting Guide

Strip That Fat Secret Dieting Guide:
This guide downloads instantly to your computer. It contains all the information and dieting strategies you will ever need to lose as much weight as you want. This is the considered the “flagship” of the Strip That Fat program. Strip That Fat is a 95 page e-book that focuses on the fundamentals of losing weight. One of the main goals of this book is to revamp your daily diet making you healthier and thinner. It is claimed this plan is the “way to end the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting once and for all”.

Strip That Fat Pros:
* This book goes into depth about many of today’s fad diets and why they don’t work.
* Teaches you the fundamentals of good nutrition
* Helps you make two weeks of meal plans
* Should dispel many weight loss myths you may be wondering about
* Strip That Fat comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Strip The Fat Diet Generator:
You choose the foods that you want to eat, plug it into the system and your diet will be created for you. This tool includes both a printable shopping list and a printable diet outline. You can create as many “completely unique” diets as you want with this amazing software!

There are two options for you to choose from. You can either get the gold package which is really awesome, or you can get the platinum package which includes a lot more for just a few extra dollars.

Gold Membership:
* Gold Membership to Strip That Fat System
* Strip That Fat Secret Dieting Guide
* STF Personalized Diet Generator
* 60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
* Access to All Gold Package Updates

The Gold Membership Area features two products:

The Diet Generator:
The Diet Generator is an important tool in the Strip That Fat Diet. It creates your meal plan/s and uses
Strip That Fat's special dieting method. You choose from a list of 50 different foods. After choosing, you click "Generate your diet!" and are given a two week meal plan. This plan tells you when and how to eat what you have chosen. The Diet Generator is designed to create the best meal plan based on your selection aimed for optimal weight loss. You can create as many meal plans as you want. There is a potential to create over 40,000 different meal plans.

Strip that Fat Diet Book:
This is one of the best diet books ever. It is a 95 page guide that explaining the Strip that Fat diet. For people who are in a hurry to lose weight, just stick to the online diet generator.

Platinum Members Area:
The second package is the Platinum Package. If you choose to get the Platinum package, you get both the Diet Generator, the Strip That Fat Diet Book and three more books.

The Platinum Membership Area features five products:

Diet Generator:
The same diet generator as in the Gold area.

Strip That Fat Book:
The same diet book here as in the Gold area.

Recipe guide:
A 31 page book detailing 30 delicious recipes. These are optional foods and are unrelated to the diet.

Calworries guide:
A 15 page book explaining many misconceptions of weight loss.

Calorie counting worksheet:
An online organizer which for recording your calories. This is an optional add-on the Strip the Fat guide. It is to keep a precise record of progress.

Either way, you can’t lose, so please choose the program that you can afford.
*** Please note that you will not be able to upgrade in the future. ***

Strip That Fat is the top diet available. What makes it unique is the fact that it is designed to suit anyone. The Strip That Fat diet will work for any weight, height, age or sex. It will work for absolutely everyone. From the middle-aged adult to the older woman seeking the most effective and long-term solution to becoming healthier through a change in diet, to the young person needing to lose weight to look his best for that one special someone.

Strip That Fat will help to:
* lose weight
* shed fat
* follow a personalized diet plan
* count calories
* learn new healthy recipes
* build muscle
* tone up
* lead an all-round healthy lifestyle

The top-rated Strip That Fat diet will meet all of your needs:

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